Origin of 'Hunterson Studio'

Author: Pieter

Published: 8 July 2019

Tags: Hunterson, Origin

Why did I want to start a game studio?

Since about 2013, I've been programming and developing games. I started by making Minecraft mods. This really helped me learn what programming is but not so much how to design a game. This is how I found the Unity game engine. It allowed me to create whatever I wanted without being stuck to the pixel art and voxel gameplay of Minecraft. From that point on I slowed down my Minecraft mod development and started learning Unity. I even choose to become a game developer over becoming an elementary school teacher, quite the career chance. In order for me to achieve that goal, I wanted a proper education. Of course I could have just taught game design to myself with YouTube and trail and error but I didn't want that. So in 2016 I started a bachelor's course in Game Design and Development.

During that period, teachers told us what we would do after graduating. Some would work at big triple-A companies, most at indie studios and some would start our own studio and create games ourselves. I wanted to be part of the last group since this would give me the most freedom.

Why 'Hunterson Studio'?

I think the 'studio' part is clear, it's a game studio, so adding the word 'studio' makes sense. That's why I'm assuming you are reading this to know about the 'Hunterson' part. Luckily I actually have a reason for calling it that, so here it goes.

My name is Pieter Jagersma, which isn't every international. 'A Game Name' by Pieter Jagersma doesn't sound as nice as 'Getting Over It' with Bennett Foddy. It is especially hard to pronounce by other languages since the g is very hard, it almost sounds like you're using coarse sandpaper on a rocky surface.

I wanted the studio name to be international but also personal. This is mostly just preference but I also think it's nice to still have some of your name attached to a product. That's when I started to look at my last name, since Pieter (or Peter) is just too generic or biblical even.

The thought process I'm about to explain was my first insight. I'm sorry if you wanted to read about other interesting or weird names. The first thing I did was split my last name: 'Jager' and 'sma'.

In Dutch, a 'jager' can be translated to a 'hunter'. Still a bit generic, so I will give some backstory of my family. In my family's case, a 'jager' is someone who would pull barges through canals to deliver goods to households. The only sort of translation I could find was 'burlak' or just 'puller'. Sometimes the person would actually pull the barge but most of the times a horse would do the job. This is also the reason why some canals or rivers have paths next to them, a towpath if you will. In Dutch, this is called a 'jagerspad', which literally translated to a burlak's path or a puller's path.

That backstory is more interesting but 'Burlak Studio' or 'Puller Studio' does not sound very good. This is the main reason I went for the translation of hunter in this case but I guess you already figured that out.

The last part 'sma' is also interesting. Since my family is from Frisia, one of the twelve provinces in the Netherlands, we use the Frisian language which has a very rich history. This is something I won't delve into, since Frisia is a lot older than the Netherlands itself. 'sma' Basically just translates to 'son of'. This would mean my name could be Pieter, son of a burlak. In a way that sounds pretty cool but on the other hand, 'son of a puller' becomes questionable. This is how people made last names back in the day, they just took their profession and used that. Using the name 'Son of a Hunter Studio' would also not be very enticing but luckily this can be made shorter by putting 'son' after the profession. 'Hunterson'. I could even use this as my international name. Instead of Pieter Jagersma, I could be Peter Hunterson.

To simply answer the question "why the name 'Hunterson Studio'?", because it's related to my last name. Jagersma ... Hunterson. In a way 'Hunterson Studio' can be translated to 'Jagersma Studio', which makes the name very personal and that's what I wanted.

Another fun fact: Hunterson Studio was founded on the publishing date of this blogpost ;)