Website 2.0

Author: Pieter

Published: 20 April 2022

Tags: Hunterson

Let's Look Back

Alsmost as soon as I published the old website, I thought it looked outdated. I cannot exactly explain why but to me it just felt that way. Maybe it's due to the website using a fixed width making it appear like it was made for a 4:3 screen.

The homepage also features a cancelled game, Dungeon Mayor. For people who don't know what that game is:
I wanted to make a game which would be a mix of roguelike features and city-builder features. In the end, I could not make sense of how these features would work together. Another reason has to do with my graduation. My thesis was about an adaptive AI, which I wanted to use in the game. This gave me a completely different look on the game. It had become a graduation project, not a retail-worthy project.

Another small thing that bothered me lately, was the fact I use 'we' in the about page. I wanted this website to be a studio website. Now, I have realized I don't need to do that. I want to be more personal and tell you what is going on from my personal perspective. I could have just changed the text in the about page but if I were to update the page, why not update it fully?

A New Page

The new website is a lot brighter and contains more moving and interactive elements. I've rebuild it from scratch which gave me a lot more opportunities to work with. New style, new buttons, new colors, new everything!

Just like the old website, I wanted it to feel like a hub. From the homepage, you will immediately see the most important information and also find links to other pages. This hasn't changed, I have just added more items.

And one of the things I thought was missing, was a blog. After listening to podcasts and reading about promotion and branding, blogs were always discussed. The main thing with having blogposts (or news articles) is the fact that Google can better index the website. Google looks at your website and based on the amount of text, headers, images, etc it determines how good of a match certain search terms are. If I only used 'Hunterson Studio' once on the website, Google would think this website would not match well with a search term 'Hunterson Studio'. This might sound bizarre but that's how it works. (At least as far as I know) That's why you are reading this on the blog section of the website. More words equal a better match.

That's why I should write a lot about Treasured as well. Since if every page has the word 'Treasured' at least once, search engines will better understand Treasured being made by Hunterson Studio. But enough about search engine optimization.

I did talk about the about page and the new website doesn't have one. Yet. I am not sure how to phrase what I want to say but luckily I don't need to add one right away. If you read this in the future, chances are the about page is already setup. Only time will tell.

New Treasured Page

Not just the home page has gotten an update, the entire Treasured page as well. The main reason for changing this page has to do with consistency. I want the game's pages of Hunterson Studio to be integrated with the main website. I also wanted to integrate Trello into the website, just to show everyone the current state of development. That's why you can see what phase of development I'm currently working on.

To preserve a piece of the old websites, here is the homepage of

Old home page
You can find a screenshot of the old Treasured-game dot com site here!