Origin of Treasured

Author: Pieter

Published: 27 June 2020

Tags: Treasured, Origin


I used to play a lot of games and for a long time I played every day for multiple hours. I now have a different hobby, game development, but I still enjoy playing games.

There is one games series I love to play and sometimes I come back to them to play them again. Even though the levels are very linear and I already know the story, Uncharted is simply amazing. Going to a temple, solving puzzles and finding artifacts is just something I really love. For people who already know Treasured, this sounds just like Treasured and you'd be right! There is just one thing I don't like about the Uncharted games which comes back over and over. Enemies.

Imagine. You're the only person with a map to some random island. It's abandoned and there is no sign of life. You travel through a vast jungle and then find a temple. You are the first person to set foot in the temple for 1000 years. Traps are still set, so you have to avoid them and puzzles are left unsolved, so you have to solve them. And then ... BOOM ... a wall explodes and 20 enemies come storming towards you, a firefight has started.

How did they find the temple? You were the only person with a map! I'm just an explorer, adventurer trying to get to the treasure.

That's something I personally don't really like. I just want to go to an abandoned temple, solve puzzles and avoid traps without some random army trying to stop me. Some times I don't want to be a bad-ass person running through an old ruin guns blazing. I want to be that person who outsmarts traps and puzzles, who parkours rubble and is the first person to get to the treasure without killing anyone. I want to be a humble adventurer, not a mass murderer!


And that's how the idea for Treasured was born. A game in which you just need to get to the treasure without enemies. The main gameplay loop consists out of selecting a level from your museum and then completing that level. The museum is just the hub from which you select levels and show off the treasure you've found.

Development is going (not particularly fast but going) and when I write this blogpost I've almost made 25 devlogs on YouTube. The publish date of this blogpost is the date of the first devlog, the one I've posted below. And yes, I have noticed I misspelled announcement in the title but I have decided to now leave it like that.