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Temple Raiding

Rare artifacts and precious treasures lay hidden in abandoned temples and overgrown dungeons. Their previous owners build these to keep their valuables in and trespassers out! Be wary of traps, be smart at puzzles and be agile on platforms. Only the bravest, smartest and fleet-footed will get the price!

Together with Friends

Raiding temples is fun and all … but raiding temples with friends is the best experience you can get! Help your friends with tough puzzles, get them across wide chasms and most importantly, help them with their collection!

Treasured Banner
Treasured Banner

Museum Building

The building is empty and ruined, but that doesn’t stop you from making the biggest and bestest museum there is! Your museum can never be too big. Add new wings to facilitate your collection and grow, Grow, GROW!

Platforming and Puzzles

Temples are tricky since they are filled with traps, puzzles and obstacles. You need to use your wits or the help of your friends to get past them. Be smart, light feeted and sometimes even fast.

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PrototypeA prototype should be created to make sure the can be fun to play. This should contain some of the basic features and mechanics

Refine FeaturesThe MVP might have some basic features but during this step, they are more fleshed out, cleaned up and refactored if necessary

Proc Gen DecorationsIn order for a level to feel interesting and unique ... and also to look a little bit nicer ... Procedural generation will be used

Remake LevelThe MVP level was mainly for testing. This step is dedicated to making a level with calculated decisions, like where to levels go, how is the flow of the map or what tweaks might improve the fun

Prepare TestMainly a UI pass to make sure people can play the game from the main menu and change settings in a pause menu for example. Also, questions will need to be prepared to gather specific data to improve the game

PlaytestConduct a test with close-friends who can give an opinion on the current level and features. This feedback will determine the next steps

The game is currently in active development. As I have a day job as a game developer, progress isn't particularly fast. That's why I have made a Trello board, so everyone can view the progress I'm making. You can also stay updated on Youtube and Twitter!

This list isn't the full to-do list, this can be found on Trello itself. To give an example: part of the completed research is research on art style, game flow and UI styles but also researching by playing other games and taking inspiration from them.

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